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Seven Fascinating Facts That Will Make You Desire to Travel the World

The summer period is a time that many people take a break from work and school to pursue various fun activities. Such as traveling the World. The goal is to have fun exploring different countries and interacting with people from these places. You may however not be sure whether to travel or not this year. Most likely, you are not sure traveling is what you need at the moment. Here are seven fascinating facts that will make you desire to travel the World.

Most likely, you are not aware that the largest part of Libya is desert. Thus, large parts of this country have an extremely low population as most people opt to live in Benghazi and Tripoli, which are Coastal cities. The other thing about Libya is the small population. Thus, if you are looking for a fun place to visit during your holidays, you should consider Libya.

Did you know that at any given time about 61,000 people are traveling on the US air space? To get a clear picture of this statistic is to learn that its more than the population of Marshall Islands. The reason for this incredibly high number is that fact that the US has the most airline in the World. China is the only other country that has more than one big airline. To book tickets for Taipei using China airlines you should consider viewing this website.

The other amazing fact is that New Guinea speaks the most languages than any other country in the World. According to the latest research, the number of languages people in New Guinea speak is about 850. To make it even more fascinating is that fact that New Guinea has a population of only 8 million people. Thus, only by touring this Country can you learn some of these languages.

Health experts recommend traveling to take a break from the routines that cause stress and anxiety. You will have the time of your life when traveling. You will discover health and wellness products you can consume when you tour other countries. Thus, if you have a challenging period you should weigh the need to take a break and tour the World. Thus, you can prevent depression by traveling the World.

About 25% of the World’s forest is in Russia. You will be surprised to discover that Russia is the biggest country in the World. Hence, you should consider visiting Russia to see these forests.

Canada has the most lakes in the World is the other incredible fact that will make you desire to travel the World more.

The other interesting fact is that Australia has the highest number of paid vacation days in the World.