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A to Z of Spiritual Terms and Definitions

A AFFIRMATIONS Affirmations are declarations of our worthiest goals. Repeating those declarations often enough that our subconscious minds accepts them as fact, will guide our behaviour accordingly towards the goal. Through affirmations we can declare ourselves happier, more positive, healthier,… Continue Reading →

4 Astral Projection Exercises

The steps behind astral projection and learning how to achieve astral travel successfully can be difficult. The reason why, is simple. We make astral projection more difficult then it really is to do. Our minds have an uncanny ability to… Continue Reading →

3 Astral Projection Secrets to Help You Astral Travel Tonight

The steps behind astral projection and learning how to achieve astral travel successfully can be difficult. The reason why, is simple. We make astral projection more difficult then it really is to do. Our minds have an uncanny ability to… Continue Reading →

Faith Returns to the Big Screen

After the success of faith films “God’s Not Dead,” “The Bible” and “Heaven is for Real,” 2015 looks to be another big year for faith films. Rusty Martin stars in “Chasing Grace” and  he’s not surprised by the recent demand. “Hollywood is always… Continue Reading →

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Faces Elusive Challenges

This January, churches worldwide will participate in “Eight Days reflecting on our change in Christ.” It is called the World Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Why do most American churches ignore the annual event which began in 1908? Perhaps… Continue Reading →

8 Facts on Buddhism

Think you know all about Buddhism? There are an estimated 488 million followers of Buddah in the world, with a majority of the religion located in Asian countries. How do Buddhist serve, worship, what is temple all about? Check out… Continue Reading →

Spirit vs. Soul – Is There a Difference?

How do we discern between two powerful concepts of the spirit and the soul? And is there a difference? Spirit and soul is often used interchangeably in dialogue and believed to be one in the same. Among various religious concepts,… Continue Reading →

Complaining Is A Spiritual Issue

Relying on God Habitual complaining is the same problem the Israelites had on their way to the promised land. It is and always has been a spiritual issue of discontentment and a lack of thanksgiving for God’s provision. Here are… Continue Reading →

What Did Jesus Look Like

Who was the man Jesus? The Bible doesn’t go into great detail about the physical features of Jesus Christ. Here’s what we do know about His appearance on Earth and in Heaven. Jesus was a Jew Because He was Jewish… Continue Reading →

Yoga – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

It seems like the main issue many yoga practitioners have is that “yoga is not a religion” and any attempt to link it to one is seen as contrary to the principles of yoga. This, of course, is at the… Continue Reading →

Practicing Prayer and Meditation

Practicing Prayer and Meditation Do you ever wonder about the difference between prayer and meditation? Because, if you’re doing one and not the other, you might be missing out. After much experimentation, I have found that meditation and prayer are… Continue Reading →

3 Signs You’ve Made Your Pastor An Idol

Bullying is a hot topic these days. While lamentably, we expect it at the schoolyard and office, we increasingly see it from the church pulpit — where some leaders wrongly wield their position over congregants. In a recent Christian Post… Continue Reading →

Signs from Angels Above

While all of our loved ones may not be present with us on earth, they are always looking down and taking care of us from heaven. There are moments of grace that we encounter each day that let us know… Continue Reading →

Does The Bible Condemn Astrology?

Let’s have a look at what the Bible says. Although there are verses in Genesis, Judges, and Luke that appear to support astrology I’m going to focus on the ones that appear to disapprove of astrology. Getting to the root… Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Help You Attract Your Soul Mate

It’s tough being single when everyone around you seems to be happily coupled. It can be downright painful when you want to be part of a couple and you’re not. Is there a secret to attracting that right person for… Continue Reading →

7 Signs God is Calling You to Another Career

Do you like your job? Does your career bring out the best of your talents? If your answer is no, maybe it’s time to reevaluate where you stand. Your disarray and confusion may be a sign from above that you… Continue Reading →

Best Morning Rituals to Start Your Day

Best Morning Rituals to Start Your Day No one ever woke up and said, “I think I’ll try to have a miserable day.” Each and everyday the goal is to have the best day possible. Be productive. Be happy. Be… Continue Reading →

What Is the Sacred Feminine?

An excerpt from Voices of the Sacred Feminine edited by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate The Sacred Feminine is a concept that recognizes that “God” ultimately is neither anthropomorphically male or female but a Divine Essence (Goddessence) beyond form and duality… Continue Reading →

Your Assignment: Whose Soul?

Meditate on the most difficult spiritual question of our time. Freedom from the wheel of existence, from the tyranny of our bodies and our passions, from the cycle of birth and death and rebirth, from desire and delusion . …. Continue Reading →

Sacred Moments in Therapy

The therapist-patient relationship is unique: only one person opens his heart to the other — a virtual stranger — to reveal his most intimate thoughts and fears (some not even told to the closest of friends). But as time goes… Continue Reading →

The Power of the “And Principle”: A Lesson in Tantra

This year, I’ve been deepening my research into Tantric yoga philosophy while also taking courses on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT), which is a modern psychological practice often used for anxiety and depression. I thought at first that the rational… Continue Reading →

Adventure or Comfort?

“Which do you prefer, adventure or comfort?” I was asked recently, matter-of-factly, as if the two were mutually separate entities, and I, given the option to choose only one. I closed my eyes and I wondered. Now, at the age… Continue Reading →

So You Wanna Be a Time Lord

Coaching Call #131 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: How Can She Become the Woman She Wants to Be? This caller wants to be a fashion designer but hasn’t as yet taken any steps towards this career.  She believes… Continue Reading →

How I Finally Made Peace With My Ego/Mind

Coaching Call #134 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: Relationship Issues – the Good Ones Run Away; the Bad Ones Stick Around. This caller has tried to improve her relationships and her health but nothing she tries works.  The guys she likes don’t stick around while the guys she’s… Continue Reading →

The Journey That Nearly Killed Me (and Why I’m Glad It Did)

Coaching Call #135 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: Setting Boundaries: How Can She Stop Her Ex-Husband From Taking Advantage Of Her? This caller allows other people to take advantage of her because she’s unable to set boundaries with them. She’s currently going through… Continue Reading →

A Few More Thoughts About Christianity

Someone didn’t particularly care for the article “Thoughts About Christianity” which I recently wrote. She didn’t leave any comments on my blog article, but gave me quite an earful on my Face Book page. She also didn’t like the fact… Continue Reading →

Basic Elements of Ritual Magic

Recently, there has been some discussion on the blogosphere regarding the importance of intention and will, or perhaps more accurately, the inflation of the importance of these elements. While will-power (initiative) and intention do play important parts in the performance… Continue Reading →

A World Polarized by Light and Darkness

As a magician I am often asked if we actually live in a world that is morally and spiritually dangerous. Certainly, the world at large can be a physically dangerous place and there is no lack of tragedy and calamity… Continue Reading →

Tarot Evolution – Marseilles Tarot Trumps

The classic Tarot that occultists know and use, and that the Golden Dawn lionized, has mythic elements in it that make it possible to compare it to other unrelated systems. If it were not for the mythic and archetypal flavor… Continue Reading →

Thoughts About Thelema and Other Musings

I really don’t care what anyone else thinks, but I have always found Aleister Crowley to be a truly great and profound writer about magick and other occult topics. His prose is actually quite satisfying to read, and to me… Continue Reading →

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